Supply Chain and Logistics Management


Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Entegrity’s Supply Chain & Logistics professionals are experienced across all facets of the supply chain life cycle. From Commercial Manufacturing to Distribution, we can provide end-to-end expert solutions across your supply chain. Our experts can access the current as-is process, determine your target or to-be, perform an internal audit, identify gaps, assist in solution design, and implementation. Our Sales & Operations Planning team can help your organization identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI), integrate and improve data interoperability across multiple ERPs and locations worldwide.


Sales & Operations Planning

Business Case Analysis

Order Management

Continuous Process Improvement

Inventory Management

Material Management Strategy

Logistics & Transportation

Operational Statistic Analysis

Vendor Relationship Management


Improve collaboration; reduce bottleneck

Improved quality control

Increase efficiency rate

Improve demand management

Optimize shipping processes

Reduction in overhead costs

Improve risk mitigation