Healthcare IT


Healthcare IT

Entegrity Consulting is the preferred IT Partner for many Healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our Healthcare Information Technology solutions will help you build the right solution, while driving value to your organization. It is our mission to provide effective, efficient, and proactive technology solutions for your healthcare organization. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced with; HIPAA, PII, PCI, GDPR and many other compliance regulations, Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, and medical device network integration and security. We work closely with our healthcare customers to perform security assessments, wireless surveys, design new facility networks and data centers, move existing facility networks to new locations and merge newly acquired facilities into their existing networks.

Entegrity Consulting's Professionals understand Clinical Efficiency gained through smart, secure IT solutions must be at the forefront of our mission.


PCI/HIPAA Compliance and Risk Assessments

HIPAA Compliant Managed Off-site Backup & Recovery

Security Breach/Incident Response

Create Emergency and Incident Response Plans

Managed Network & Endpoint Security

Disaster Recovery Planning & Testing

Managed Endpoint Services

Wireless Implementation, Management & Security

Data Center Implementation & Services

Deployments, Upgrades & Implementations

Help Desk Services


Increased productivity among all Staff

Improved Clinical efficiency

Secured data across the organization

Professional IT experts who are experienced with HIPAA, PII, PCI, GDPR, etc.

Improve patient quality of care and coordination

Improve collaboration across the healthcare organization