Enterprise & Solution Architecture


Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Entegrity specializes in Enterprise and Solution Architecture strategy and design to help you standardize and organize your IT with your business goals. Complying with Federal policy, standards and guidelines, we will evaluate the “As-is” and develop “What-if” solution architecture for analysis and best fit across the enterprise. Our experienced architects have a proven success track record by helping organizations integrate operational processes, system infrastructure/interface design, and data governance for effective business decisions. We can help your organization optimize your systems to meet enterprise performance requirements, execute technology integration processes, data governance, apply cyber security and privacy principles, and identify critical infrastructure systems lacking security.


Analysis, Design & Implementation

Interoperability & Data Management

Consulting Services

Compliance review & Audit Planning

Information Support Planning

Joint Integration Test Certification


Identify gaps for real business impact solutions

Better visibility and management of data across the enterprise

Propose mitigating measures to reduce cost, schedule and impact

Provide sound data strategies

Reduce data redundancy and eliminate unnecessary data interfaces

Improve oversight for better decision making across the organization