Cyber Security & Compliance


Cyber Security & Compliance

Entegrity is passionate about keeping your computer systems, network and data secure. Our experienced technology professionals can identify, analyze, and mitigate threats to your Information Technology Systems and Data. With breaches on the rise, our Cyber Engineers are experienced with the tools and insights to protect your Organization. We provide a range of non-invasive tools to scan for vulnerabilities, unsecured access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), conduct attack simulations and User training to stop attacks before they occur. Along with our Managed Services, we monitor and secure your network remotely for a quicker response time to attempted breaches.


Cyber Security & Compliance

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Penetration Testing

Server Hardening

Network Security Assessments

Security Event Information Management (SEIM)

Compliance & Audit Readiness

Email Security & Encryption

Phishing Attack Simulations

End-User Security Training


Reduced attack vectors

Cost savings due to increase in system availability and User productivity

Enhanced security compliance

Secure Remote Access for employees

Improved productivity

Reduction in Virus and Malware infections

Reduced unintentional and intentional Insider Threats